LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS is the Original Manufacturer of The ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holster: Worn by Police, Elite Military Units & Hunters in Over 23 Different Countries for Over 35 Years(SM). WILD GUNS LEATHER Co. of TEXAS, JERRY ARDOLINO { Ex-Lawman / REAL GUN HAND}, Sole Proprietor and Original Maker and Trademark Owner of The ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holster now manufactures THAT HOLSTER and all other Lawman Leather Goods BRAND products. ( * Not affiliatted with Lawman Leather Goods Corporation of Nevada; see bottom of this page for information). WILD GUNS LEATHER Co. of TEXAS, Makes Holsters for EVERY HANDGUN EVER MANUFACTURED AS WELL AS ALL CURRENT HANDGUNS in the WORLD--EVERY MAKE - EVERY CALIBER - EVERY BARREL LENGTH. So, whether you carry a Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44magnum; a Smith & Wesson Performance Center .500 Caliber; a .460 Caliber; a V-Comp,  a .44 Caliber Colt Dragoon or a .45 1911 Autopistol-- we make an ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® for EVERY handgun; to the EXACT handgun.

LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS™ is the ONLY HOLSTER BRAND to utilize their Proprietary VEX™ PROGRAM-Invented by the Founder of the LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS BRAND ™, which enables almost instant creation of dies and patterns ( in under 2 minutes) for EVERY HANDGUN EVER MADE! LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS™ is the FIRST and the ONLY Holster Manufacturer in the HISTORY of the FIREARMS Industry to offer that kind of availability.

The Real, ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® is the best for Police, Elite Military and Hunters who need to Carry the Extreme Deadly Force of Today's Big-Bore Handguns in Total Comfort™. The Reason for the ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holster's comfort is the Exclusive "Y" Strap harness which utilizes double straps: one strap goes in front of your shoulder and the other behind it where they meet and buckle at our "Y" Strap. At the top of your back, those two straps meet at a horizontal strap which is connected to the two wider straps that are attached to the ears of the shoulder holster. You merely feel a slight pulling up on your belt with no tension or straps under your off-gun side shoulder Our ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Harness features the original leather ties and holes allowing it to be almost infinitely adjustable. Our Holsters and Harnesses are sent fully assembled and it is quite easy to observe the method by which each Harness strap is tied; or you may easily adjust it to your own configurations while still retaining the total comfort of the original design.

Don’t buy a counterfeit harness or cheap copy of the holster. LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS Uses nearly TWICE the amount of LEATHER in the Construction of the REAL, ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holster.

Some facts about LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS BRAND The Original Dirty Harry® Shoulder Holster:

“Over the years, The ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® has been made by six different shops or factories under my supervision. And since 1990, I’ve been making The ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® in my own shop on a custom basis for shooters all over the USA for vintage 6” and 8” Colt Pythons, S&W Model 29s etc. However, Vintage ---Seventies and Eighties---ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holsters have been selling for record highs—more than any other used holsters in the history of the firearms industry; some as high as $1,000.00 on auction sites! It was this interest, in recent years, that prompted me to develop the VEX™ Program and take the The ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® to new heights. I offer a CERTIFICATION SERVICE for Vintage ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holsters

A company with a rich history in the firearms industry, LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS™BRAND: the FIRST Company to make Shoulder Holsters for handguns with barrels longer than 7 ½”; the FIRST Company to make a quality, BLACK leather Shoulder Holster for handguns with barrels longer than 5”; the FIRST Company to invent and manufacture LEATHER SPEED LOADER POUCHES for Shoulder Holster Harness Wear; the FIRST Company to manufacture the BIG-HAWK™, a Scoped-Handgun Shoulder Holster for all scoped handguns (Thompson-Center made one only for their single-shot and J.M. Bucheimer made one for limited guns in short barrel lengths only); the FIRST Company to manufacture a Tri-Wear, Horizontal Shoulder Rig for semi-autos—THE MERCENARY™--shoulder, or belt, strong side or crossdraw; the FIRST Company to make holsters from Exotic Skins and NOW we are the FIRST and ONLY Company in the FIREARMS INDUSTRY with the VEX™ Program. And now we are the FIRST Holster Company in the firearms industry to make the first production, Aged Leather Spaghetti Western Holster Rig. Please enjoy this website and do not forget to visit my new WILD GUNS LEATHER Co. OF TEXAS WEBSITE.” ---JERRY ARDOLINO

Every ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holster is made from Premium, Hand-Selected, Heavy, Top-Grain Bridle Leather---reminiscent of the fine Boot and Holster Leathers Worn by Mounted Cavalry more than 100 years ago. All of our ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holsters are Fully-Lined with our Butter-Soft, Genuine Suede. No other Holster comes close to us in Leather or Design Quality.