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"One holster that is undeniably a classic is the Lawman Leathergoods brand Original Dirty Harry Shoulder Holster, now exclusivly available only from Wild Guns Leather Company of Texas ( www.wildgunsleather.com).
The Dirty Harry is offered for an extremely wide range of hand guns-- not just the S&W Model 29 that Clint Eastwood used in films. It's a classic carry for the 1911 and it's variants. The Dirty Harry is meticulously assembled from the finest cowhide. The holster--lined, of course-- uses sping steel lips for weapon retention, which, in itself, is a classic design feature. The all - leather harness is fully adjustable...Jerry Ardolino, the man behind the Dirty Harry, makes the point that it is a wonderfully comfortable shoulder holster. That it is".
--- Jerry Ahern, GUN WORLD---FEBRUARY, 2012  issue.
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