From LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS’™BRAND  S.T.U.™ SEVERE TACTICAL USE Line comes the MAGNUM IMPACT™ SHOOTER’S CUFF! A “must have” for all shooter’s who shoot big-bores and today’s super-bore magnums. The MAGNUM IMPACT™ CUFF lets you rock with heavy recoil and enjoy it. An afternoon of shooting magnums with heavy, felt recoil can be a stress reliever but, it can also lead to
muscle fatigue, wrist pain and, after shooting multiple rounds: wider groups. 

The MAGNUM IMPACT™ : A First in the Firearms Industry is Bio-Mechanically engineered, and was thoroughly tested for 1 year. Designed and Developed by LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS BRAND Founder, Jerry Ardolino and medical professionals, the MAGNUM IMPACT™ lessens felt recoil by approximately 50% as the sharp recoil waves pass into the heavy 20oz. leather, steel-lined cuff; transferring those shock waves to your larger, forearm muscle group rather than your wrist bones and wrist muscles. And…the MAGNUM IMPACT™ SHOOTER’S CUFF keeps you on target! The Large Scallop on the back hand side eliminates outward jerking; the scallop at the heel of the palm eliminates hard trigger jerking that causes shots to go off target. It is also a great impact absorber for shooters with mild carpal tunnel syndrome. For shooters who,  have mild carpal; simply twist The MAGNUM IMPACT™ so that the top wrist scallop

covers your carpal area.


Wild Gund Leather Co.ting gloves give a false sense of security and do not allow for true, 
"trigger feel"; something every shooter needs to have. Gloves also do not allow for familiarizing your bare, grip-hand feel. The MAGNUM IMPACT™ SHOOTER’S CUFF allows for true shooting and develops your muscles to kick into proper form; needed for fast repeat shots in real world defense or hunting situations. We at LAWMAN LEATHER™ have been shooting big-bores for decades are not recoil-sensitive but, for a long period of shooting heavy loads in .44 Magnums; .454 Casulls; .50 Caliber GI’s; .460 and .500 Magnums—we use the MAGNUM IMPACT™ to get more enjoyment out of feeling that recoil and, hearing that awesome noise and seeing those “cluster holes
” in the target.


Retail Price: $119.95 + 9.00 forPriority/Insured Shipping. 

Made In Texas by Texas Leathercrafters at the New Wild Guns Factory! These are in great demand! Please allow 8 to 10 weeks from receipt of order for delivery.


By Calling: (361) 389-4566 YOU MAY ALSO ORDER by Check or Money Order to:

Wild Guns LEATHER Co.

P.O. Box 796

Yoakum, Texas 77995


Strong, Specially-Made Metal Plates are permanently sewn inside of our THICK, 20 oz. (3/8") "Element119 ™ "
BLACK LEATHER Construction.
The MAGNUM IMPACT contains as much Leather as 3 sub-compact belt holsters!
Thick, Strong leather straps and buckles
hold The MAGNUM IMPACT SECURELY TO YOUR WRIST; It is fully adjustable for wrists from 7" thru 9". Black, Genuine Suede
inner liner provides real comfort.
(plus 9.00
Shipping & Ins.)
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