..."it is a lively, swashbuckling read...some shrewd observations about police policies and tactics. I found it a hard book to put down."---Jan Libourel, Editor,

May 2007 issue

EXTREME COP: CHICAGO PD was quoted, and the cover shown, in the Editorial Section of the May, 2007 issue of PLAYBOY Magazine!


"Not long ago, Chicago Mobsters made Vegas their home. Nowadays, that's pretty much over. There's a new gun in town, livin' in Las Vegas though; he's known as the Extreme Cop and he's sharing his story in this book and it is a pretty wild one."--- FOX 5 NEWS LIVE in LAS VEGAS from a LIVE Interview by Newsman Dave Hall with the author, JERRY ARDOLINO.

Book's Cover and Reader Quiz Shown in the SHAMELESSLY LITERATE Book Section of LAS VEGAS WEEKLY --March 8th, 2007 issue.

"...It's an amazing is a tough book...some very interesting interesting kind of take on the mob and the police department. You really capture that era of your years as a policeman effectively and chillingly...there are some tough scenes...this book has generated a lot of interest from would make some movie...EXTREME COP: CHICAGO PD, The True Story of the Wildest, Most Violent Cop in the History of the Chicago Police. Jerry, it's a remarkable job! You're a good writer among other things..."---RICK KOGAN, CHICAGO TRIBUNE BOOK CRITIC and Host of WGN CHICAGO SUNDAY PAPERS RADIO SHOW from a Live Interview with JERRY ARDOLINO

"Mr. Extreme...Jerry Ardolino is one wild dude...articulate...intense. Extreme Cop blows The Shield [T. V. Series] apart."----LAS VEGAS WEEKLY, November 8, 2007 issue

"I enjoyed the writing style. [EXTREME COP: CHICAGO PD] It really spoke to me. As editor of, I see all kinds of cop books. Guys write their memoirs; they read like police reports. Few of them get to a literary area where I think you´ve gone with this. A lot of cop books--I can read the scenarios and I can see it happening, but with yours the imagination is very peaked...some pretty erotic passages."---Lt. Raymond Foster, LAPD Ret.--Editor, Police Writers; Host: THE WATERING HOLE INTERNET RADIO SHOW

For hard police action, hard-boiled cops, bloody crime scenes, the mob, druglords, the mafia, hoodlums, street criminals, fast car chases, street racing, hot female cops, hookers, street thugs, pimps, pushers and players--it's all in here PLUS the true on-going story--a literary documentary--told by the ultimate bad boy cop: THE EXTREME COP!!!

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